What the FLEKS Hybrid Model Guide is

The FLEKS Hybrid Model Guide is everything you need to understand how to integrate predictive and agile practices for your projects and business. The guide will help you and your organization to adapt quickly to the uncertainties of the market and deliver value.

Main concepts covered in the guide

Strategy, Goals, Sustainability, Change Management, Value Management Office, Value Governance, Risk Management, Knowledge Management, OKR, Portfolio Selection, Business Analysis, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Product Management, SCRUM, Kanban, and Value Flow.

Who is the guide for

The guide helps product, project, program, and portfolios managers, as well as business analysts, VMO leaders and executives to understand how hybrid practices can be used and create sustainable value for your stakeholders.

Advantages of the FLEKS Hybrid Model

  • It is a Hybrid Scaled Model
  • Aligns strategy to value delivery
  • It is a value-driven model
  • It is applicable for any industry or business size
  • It is tailorable to your needs
  • It Integrates different concepts in a unique model
  • It adopts flexibility as a core mindset

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