The FLEKS Hybrid Model brings to you a valuable Hybrid Manager Certification for the market. This certification encompasses the whole guide and attests that the candidate knows the model and also has expertise on applying hybrid practices to manage different initiatives in variety of contexts.

For issues related to the FLEKS Model Certification, get in touch via certification@fleksmodel.com

Value Management Officers and members, PMO leaders and members, Business Analysts, Product, Project, Program and Portfolio Managers, Development Teams or anyone interested in applying hybrid practices to manage initiatives.

  • The correct understanding of the content regarding the FLEKS Model Guide.
  • How to apply predictive, adaptive and hybrid practices.

Portuguese (Brazilian) and English

The candidate can enroll for the certification process according to the availability of the training for each country. Stay in touch to our schedule.

Aiming to guarantee a standardization of concepts and improve the chance of success, the certification can only be taken with a previous twelve-hour online synchronous training on which the candidate has the chance to get in touch with the FLEKS Hybrid Model and understand its features, practices and tools. The candidate will take part of some dynamics and discussions to better understand the model, will learn how to adapt and implement it in a real-life organization.  


At the end of the training the candidate will receive a certificate and is able to claim Project Management Institute (PMI) PDU credit. Note that PMI PDUs are earned for course attendance and not for passing the exam. Candidates can claim PDUs at https://ccrs.pmi.org.

It is highly recommended the study of the FLEKS Hybrid Model Guide after the training and before taking the exam.  The guide is available for free download at www.fleksmodel.com/download.  Besides the content of the guide is appropriate to have a previous knowledge about predictive and adaptive approaches, as well the basic concepts related to Sustainability, more specifically the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), Strategic Planning, Change Management, OKRs, KPIs, Project Portfolio Selection Techniques and Knowledge Management.

Below we provide a list of some interesting material to read, but we can not guarantee the availability of the information, since it is beyond our responsibility. Any other source of information about theses themes can be consulted.

Once the training has finished and the certification is contracted, the candidate has 30 days to take the exam. The date and time for the exam is chosen by the candidate. Specific information on how to schedule the exam will be given along the training.

If the candidate is not able to take the exam in the 30 days window, he/she can reschedule the exam, but within a limit of 90 days after the end of the training. Extra fee will be charged for rescheduling the exam.

If the candidate fails to pass de exam, he/she can make another try until 60 days after the first exam. A third try may take place 30 days after the second one. Extra fee will be charged for extra exams.

The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and lasts 60 minutes. About 50% of the questions refer to the FLEKS Model itself, and 50% are situational questions to verify if the candidate knows how to apply predictive, adaptive and, most of all, hybrid practices. The exam is online and is proctored by a certified institution. During the exam, it is not allowed to consult the FLEKS Hybrid Model Guide or any other source of information.

To Get the certification, it is necessary to get right at least 70% of the questions.

After passing the exam, the candidate receives an eletronic copy of his/her certification on the email registered during the enrollment process.

The certification is valid FOR LIFE. There is no need to be recertified. In case a disruptive change in the model, all certified professionals will be informed to get updated.

The investment for certification depends on the training format. At the present moment only the online synchronous training is available and as part of the certification launch process, we are offering a promotional cost of US$ 467.00 / BR$ 1457,00 for a limited time. Take this chance, since the prices can change at any time. Prices for other formats will be available soon.

The prices above are references and will be adapted to countries different from than those listed above and will be announced at each training/certification cycles.

If the candidate fails to pass the exam, it is possible to make another try until 60 days after the first exam. Change of scheduled exams or subsequent attempts, in case of failure, cost US$ 125,00 / BR$ 170,00.

The prices above are references and will be adapted to countries different from than those listed above and will be announced at each training/certification cycles.

On the online synchronous training format, the candidate can request full refund of the training and the certification process until 3 days before the beginning of the training. After that it is not possible to ask for refund.