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Are you looking for a Hybrid Management approach to help you reach your goals in a simple and customized way? This is the right place for you. If you are a product, project, portfolio or even a business manager trying to integrate predictive and adaptive approaches, this is for you.


Our purpose is to improve how people and organizations manage their initiatives, deliver value and reach their goals.


Our mission is to develop capable professionals to deal with their management challenges.


Our vision is to be recognized, until 2023, as a worldwide reference regarding hybrid practices to manage initiatives.


  • Passion for what we do
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Value delivery
  • Make the difference


Foto Darci Prado

“FLEKS is simple yet robust. The model is quite broad and has some characteristics that differentiate it from some existing practices. It meets a current market need”

Darci Prado – Professor and Consultant

Carlos Espanha

“FLEKS proposes an integrated (predictive and adaptive) management view, which dialogues widely with the knowledge already developed and tested in the market. FLEKS are for businesses on which the means cannot hinder the ends but enhance them”

Carlos Espanha – Corporate Project Manager Officer

foto christina barbosa

“FLEKS Model is an excellent way to guide any organization, regardless its size or segment. It allows the generation of sustainable value, is innovative and adapted to the new global scenario”

Christina Barbosa – Entrepreneur and Consultant

Erico Afonso

“FLEKS is a bold, consistent alternative that challenges the status quo of current management models. Thanks to FLEKS, managers can count on a reliable option that allows a structured choice for reaching their goals and deliver value”

Erico Afonso – Supply Manager

Meet the founder

Hélio Costa

Hélio Costa

DSc in Computer Science and Systems Engineering. Writer, Speaker, Consultant and Professor. Developer of the FLEKS Hybrid Model and some other management models, tools and techniques. Enthusiast of projects and businesses management best practices.