The Hybrid Business Model that brings you
  • Flexibility
  • Flow
  • Value
  • Predictability
  • Agility
  • Lean Processes
  • Integration

The FLEKS Model was developed to guide you in a journey where your context is more important than fixed rules. Welcome to the world where lean, predictive and agile approaches coexist and value delivery is what matters most.

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Why FLEKS Model

These are many reasons why FLEKS Model should be your choice to manage your projects and your business processes. These are some of them.

  • Flexible
  • Adaptable
  • Value-driven
  • Scalable
  • Multipurpose
  • Tailorable
  • FLEKS Summary Guide

    The FLEKS Model Summary Guide (20 pages) provides you an overview of what is written on the Gomprehensive Guide (110 pages). Download it for free.

  • FLEKS Canvases Guide

    The FLEKS Model Canvases Guide is a set of canvases especially designed to help practitioners in several FLEKS events. Download it for free.


Join our collaborative network

FLEKS Model is much more than just a guide. It is an idea, a way of thinking the management process. To be part of our community is to live this journey and collaborate for the achievement of our purpose and help each other to be better managers and human beings.

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    Trained Professionals

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    Certified Professionals

  • FLEKS is a bold, consistent alternative that challenges the status quo of current management models. Thanks to FLEKS, managers can count on a reliable option that allows a structured choice for reaching their goals and deliver value.

    Erico Afonso

    Procurement Manager – Raizen

  • FLEKS proposes an integrated (predictive and adaptive) management view, which dialogues widely with the knowledge already developed and tested in the market. FLEKS are for businesses on which the means cannot hinder the ends but enhance them.

    Carlos Espanha

    Corporate Project Manager Officer – BNDES

  • FLEKS Model is an excellent way to guide any organization, regardless its size or segment. It allows the generation of sustainable value, is innovative and adapted to the new global scenario.

    Christina Barbosa

    CEO – Byconn

  • FLEKS Model provides different production layers of management with easy navigation and continuous delivery flow.

    Gaurav Dhooper

    President – PMO Global Alliance India Hub

  • FLEKS was something that we were searching for a long time. It is a way to combine agile and predictive projects delivering value to the business and steadily information to decision making.

    Cristiane Tavolassi

    Head of PMO IT Americas – Edenred

  • FLEKS is simple yet robust. The model is quite broad and has some characteristics that differentiate it from some existing practices. It meets a current market need.

    Darci Prado

    Professor and Consultant – Falconi

  • FLEKS! Besides being hybrid, putting together the best of "two worlds" (agile and predictive), it is pragmatic, value-oriented, light and flexible.

    Margareth Carneiro

    Portfolio and Program Manager – INEP

  • FLEKS is pure innovation. A structured approach to transform a set of strategic intentions into effective actions that lead to objectives and value delivery.

    Vicente Gonçalves


  • FLEKS met what I believe and which has been one of the main principles throughout my career, which is to use practices and tools that add real value to the business, regardless of the approach.

    Carla Krieger

    Enterprise Agile Coach – Globo

  • FLEKS is more than just a model or a toolset. It’s a powerful way of thinking about your approach to a project and processes that lifts you to a strategic level. It’s completely scalable, full of insights, and free for anyone to use.

    Mike Clayton

    CEO – Online PM Courses


Become a FLEKS Certified Professional

Learning how to integrate predictive and agile approaches in different contexts of an organization is a huge challenge for many leaders. Developing such skills lifts you up to another level and turns you into a distinguished professional in a market where flexibility is paramount to create sustainable value creation flow.

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    Curso oficial de treinamento e preparação para a certificação do FLEKS Model. Torne-se um(a) profissional diferenciado no mercado, com capacidade de usar práticas lean e híbridas, unindo o ágil e o preditivo em todos os níveis de sua organização.

    • Julho/2022

    • Live Online

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    • Brasil

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